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I’m very glad I hired Gasper as my attorney. Despite the difficulties that comes with the legal process I felt so much better knowing that Gasper had my back. His legal strategy and knowledge got me an unbelievable result I’m so grateful for. Also the whole team at Banks & Brewer was great, especially paralegal Aspen who allowed for the communication to occur efficiently and smooth. In an ideal world we don’t need criminal defence attorneys, however I would not hesitate to rehire Gasper at Banks & Brower again.
I had originally hired a different defense attorney that was advising me to plead guilty to something I was not entirely comfortable with. At that point, I reached out to the banks and bower firm and spoke with Gasper. I am beyond happy I did. He was completely confident that he could get a better outcome, and he absolutely provided. Gasper did an amazing job with my case. I am positive that the outcome received was due to diligent work on his behalf. He was personable, professional, and transparent.
Bill Fredrick and Gwen did a magnificent job with my modification. Bill went above and beyond to get us the best possible out come. He told me what he could do for me and did exactly that. My case was a level 2 felony with a 20 year sentence, and he was able to get me released from home detention early and get several years off my executed sentence. He was always available to answer any questions and kept me updated every step of the way. Over all I would 100% recommend him to anyone one looking for an attorney. Thanks a million! - Ramon D.
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