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Mr. Simmons was great to work with, he kept me updated on the process and explained everything along the way. He was thorough and gave me realistic expectations on what could happen, I appreciated the guidance and was able to get a favorable outcome. I would recommend the firm to anyone needing an attorney.
Mr. Bill Simmons is an excellent attorney! Very thorough and cares about all his clients, whether active or prospective. I received a recommendation from a lawyer friend to contact Mr. Simmons regarding a school bus traffic violation, for which I had a scheduled court date. At not cost or stipulation, Mr. Simmons gave consultation on the ticket and advised me on how defend myself in court. He also offered to represent my defense despite the request being last-minute. Mr. Simmons instilled me with confidence in my case. I have referred him to others and will be seeking his services in the future if need be.
Butler & Simmons, P.A. is awesome! Just their professionalism, honesty, commitment, customer service and expertise speaks for it self. I was searching for a good lawyer and Mr, Simmons contacted me. He was very humble, honest, and knowledgeable of the situation, policies and procedures of the jurisdiction where I was fighting a DUI charge. His moral character shows through his actions and he’s always willing to get the job done. I recommend this law firm to everyone!!!!!!!!!!P.S. Mr. Simmons, Thanks for being a great and fantastic lawyer!!!!!!!!!
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