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Went in some time ago for a consultation and the person I spoke with took the time to listen to my needs and was able to give sound advice if I wanted to pursue. I ended up not pursuing, strictly because of the cost associated with it versus what I was going to potentially gain. At the time they were flexible on retainers and totally willing to work with me to earn my business.Fast forward a year or so, I reached out for a question in a Facebook group. Someone tagged Boe Bowen, the Managing Member of this firm and he gladly answered my question as we chatted through messenger. Very helpful and I appreciated the personal touch.Definitely give them a call if you need legal assistance.
Mr. Bowen recent assisted me with issues concerning probate after my fathers passing. He is knowledgeable and above all compassionate and caring. Would highly recommend him to anyone!
Boe Bowen is a trustworthy, hard working, and honest attorney. He is direct and timely with his communications. He values his own family and always looks for the best way forward for the family in his work as well. I both trust and recommend The Bowen Law Firm to handle your legal needs with integrity, honesty, and sound legal advice.
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